Aichi-Nagoya’s world-class art of monozukuri Nagoya Takumiyage is an initiative that sheds light on the artistry of “craftsmanship” to support the synergy of technological prowess, know-how and spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices for extensive delivery at home and abroad as uniquely novel souvenirs.

“Wooden stand produced by traditional bending process”
- Bottle Cooler

These are bottle coolers made by traditional technology how to make "a wooden stand" used as equipment in rituals.
The beauty of the natural cypress fabric produced by traditional Japanese bending process and the smooth touch feeling bring you rich time.

“Inlaid work of Nagoya”
Hand Mirror decorated with cherry blossoms

These are hand mirrors decorated with“ cherry blossoms” by delicate decoration technique of wooden mosaic work which decorates edge of the sound holes of guitars.

-Hand Towel Set

TENUGUI (pronounced, te-nu-gu-i) is a Japanese ornamental hand towel made of 100%cotton.
This set of "TENUGUI" was born in three kinds of traditional Nagoya method of weaving: "Arimatsu-Shibori", "Nagoya-Yuuzen" and "Kuromontsuki-zome".
It is a design with the theme of Ieyasu Tokugawa who is the most famous SAMURAI in Japan.
You can enjoy three different textures.

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